Clever Pleasure

SOBR crafts daring non-alcoholic aperitifs that leave you with a clear head instead of a hangover. We blend natural herbal infusions with a bold brewing process and top it off with Lion’s Mane, a natural adaptogen. Thirsty yet?

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Mixing? Ain’t nobody got time for that. Busy Bees, we’ve got you. Just pour yourself a glass, kick back and let the good times flow.

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All our drinks are completely alcohol-free. Because we want to make a drink that leaves you with a clear head instead of a hangover, we’ve added Lion’s Mane, a natural adaptogen.

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Unique natural flavours

Using natural infusions and a proprietary brewing process, SOBR was created to give the non-alcoholic category the cachet it lacks.

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Holy Hibiscus

Meet our luscious red. Full bodied with crisp acidity and rich floral notes of Hibiscus and Holy basil. Verbena ties it all together with a fresh citric touch.


A bold fusion of spicy pepper and suave cedar, with an elegant juniper finale. Are you ready for the heat?

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Clever pleasure

"Clever Pleasure" isn't just a tagline—it's our rally cry for the shrewd hedonists who crave the kick without the crash. SOBR is crafted for people that demand their highs without the lows.

For the rebels, the midnight marauders staying clear-headed while diving deep into bold flavors. Outsmart the hangover and choose for "Clever Pleasure".

The mad scientists

SOBR founders Milan and Simon hit a sobering truth when transitioning from the campus party life to the professional grind: non-drinkers were often relegated to the uninspired realm of overly sweet mocktails, sodas and juices.

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Hear the lion

While alcohol clouds your tomorrow, SOBR aims to brighten it. That's why our drinks are infused with Lion’s Mane, a funghi that has been attributed with cognitive stimulation, memory improvement and increased clarity. Don’t worry, this magnificent mushroom is not psychedelic!

In our parts this superfood has yet to gain fame, but in Asia it has been revered for millennia for its brain-boosting powers and culinary use.

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